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If you are new to this party, here are the rules: 1) Share your favorite read alouds. I know it's hard to choose one so share as many as you like. 2) Check out other peoples favorite read alouds ( good way to add to your list!) 3) Link back to my party so it's easier to navigate to other posts. Also, feel free to share any products from your store that you have made to go along with your favorite books! 

This week I going to feature some great non-fiction texts. I do not have any products made for these particular books but be on the look out in my store for some in the future! You can follow my store at 

Okay, here's #1:  

Level 4 (grades 2-4)
 This book is perfect to use in grades K-3. The pictures would be appealing to kids in this age group and the text is large enough that even a non-reader could search through and find known letters or sight words! It is an empowering book for girls and interesting book for boys. It's a win-win situation! Plus they will learn nonfiction text features through the table of contents, photographs/captions, side bars with extra information, glossary and index. It's a great book to set out after you've read aloud so that those who can read get to do so independently and those who can't get the opportunity to study it's features, find known letters or words and just enjoy it for the sake of enjoyment!

#2 Is a great one! I have the pleasure to say I've seen this author speak at the children's literature festival on a couple of occasions. She is a fascinating lady and a phenomenal artist!  Here it is:

Ghosts of the Whitehouse by Cheryl Harness
I would use this read aloud in the upper grades. It's content and vocabulary may be beyond the younger years. My recommendation would be 3-5. It is a great tool to use in 4th grade after studying government or using as a mentor text in writing in the organization trait.

And last but not least on my list for today is :

This is actually an older version of my copy but its made by the same company so I'm sure they are similar. My book has five different categories with 4-7 articles in each. For example, one category is Using the Elements. There are four articles in this category named, Wind Power, The Ways of Water, Passing on the Power, and Harnessing the Sun. The sticker on the cover says ages 8-14 but with guided instruction I think this book could be used all the way down to Kindergarten. You're not going to read the whole article and you may not even read it word for word but you could use this as a tool to teach non-fiction and if they were interested in a topic from the book you could summarize the section using age appropriate vocabulary.

Hope you gained some new reads for your classroom read aloud lists and I can't wait to read yours!


  1. I am soo excited to find another Reading Specialist blog out there in blogland! I found you through Carla at Comprehension Connection's link up to your post. I am definitely going to have to link up next week!

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