Monday, January 19, 2015

Mentor Texts for Setting Goals

I'm linking up with my friend Emily from over at The Reading Tutor / OG for her Mentor Monday linky. This week we'll be sharing books that support goal setting. While I'm sure there are many, I found these three charms that I can't wait to share with my kiddos.

I actually already shared Salt in His Shoes because Micheal Jordan is one of my all time favorite basketball players. Plus we were studying biographies last week and and it was the perfect mentor text to share. 

It takes practice, determination and perseverance to get better at something is the theme through out the entirety of Salt in His Shoes. 

The Watcher is a story of Jane Goodall. She was born a "watcher". She watched and studied animals from the time she was five. She always knew she wanted to study chimpanzees.  And she did. 

Someday is a sweet story of dreaming big and thinking about the future. 

If you haven't already, all three are certainly worth the time to look into. You and your kiddos are sure to enjoy and have great discussions of dreaming big, setting goals, and future possibilities.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Peek at My Week: What We Accomplished & Where We're Headed!

Hello friends! I'm linking up with Mrs. Will's Kindergarten again to share last week's adventures and to show you what we have coming up!

So.. Last week one of our goals was using "magic e" to decode long a words.

I'm also helping the 2nd grade long term sub in ELA and we are  having so much fun!
We were very busy writing biographies. Click on the graphic to hear more about this!

And now for this week. Feel free to click on my plans to download  them and to be able to  link to some of the activities we'll be doing this week. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Early Literacy - Retelling

Retelling is an essential skill for early literacy learners because it builds the foundation for fiction comprehension. Retelling can and should  happen  during the pre-reading stage. At this stage the practice of recalling a story that they listened to reinforces both recall and listening skills. That's not to say retelling shouldn't happen in the emergent and beginning transitional stages because it absolutely should. But after the transitional stage is under way retelling really should transition to summarizing. .

Retelling VS. Summary

Let's first start with what is the difference between retelling and summary really is. When you ask a child to retell you are looking for how many details the child retained. Like the summary, you want to see if they remember the characters, setting, problem and solution. Your checking to see if  they recall most details in order. Retell really focuses on recall of details.

When we ask a child to summarize we want them to of course include the story elements (character, setting, problem and solution) and again, sequence is important. But this time, instead of a strong focus on details we are looking for the most important details that happen at the beginning, middle and end.

How to Teach Retelling

One of  the best ways to start retelling with any pre-reader is to include picture prompts. This "shows" the learner what our expectations are. Click on the graphic above to check out the retelling cards I've made for The Biggest, Best, Snowman. It includes a focus sheet with it to offer ideas to include in your plans.

This activity is just a small part of my Book Companion for The Biggest, Best Snowman. You can find that here.

My kids loved this activity. I reread the story and then they used the book to read through as they picked out the retelling picture cards to put it in order.