How Formative assessments are Changing my Classroom: Jan. 6-9 Peek at my Week

Hello, Friends!

 I love this time of year because I feel like we get to start with a fresh slate and before the manic rush of cramming before end of the year assessment starts we get a few weeks of review and then we can hit it full speed.  Plus, this is when something developmentally clicks in and our kiddos  just take off.

I'm starting the new year off with the first part of my professional development plan underway.  I've been researching using the formative assessment action plan (Fischer & Frey, 2011)  to create target plans for my intervention kiddos. This has lead to my students setting goals and tracking their progress. I'm finding this has encouraged ownership and has developed a motivation I've never seen before. You can learn more about my research on formative assessment plans and targeted instruction here.

This week I will be doing this formative assessment action plan like this:

Goal 1

Step One: Set Purpose - I can fluently read c-v-c words to help me read passages fluently.

Step Two: Teacher model - at & it family anchor chart

Step Three: Guided Instruction- building and writing -at and -it  words

Step Four: Productive Group work - short a and short i word list, sentences and passages PowerPoint with partner on smartboard

Step Five - Independent Tasks - Decodable Passage Running Record


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