Jan. 12-16: Peek at My Week

Hello friends! I'm linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten again this week. I've debated and trialed and error how to do visual plans for some time now. However, I'm not giving up. This week I've only included my hour that I have two tier three kiddos. I'm choosing to highlight this  particular time because it has been the biggest change for me this year.

My position has changed over the last two years. While I've remained the reading intervention teacher our whole building (students and staff) has become Title I. That has created some changes for me.  This year we have two new students who came to us as third graders but still need 1st grade instruction.  As a team we decided to have Title I non-classroom staff  provide 1st grade ELA instruction and provide standards based reports. This means, they are not receiving any ELA grades in their regular third grade classrooms.

We're seeing tremendous progress. Each student receives 1/2 an hour 1:1 with either myself or my teaching partner. My teaching partner was our Reading Recovery teacher so her student receives a modified Reading Recovery lesson. My student is an ELL so we work heavily on vocabulary and writing.

For the second 30 min time period I have both students. My English speaking student will be graduating to the 2nd grade book this week so I'm really excited to see how he does!

Take a peek at my week:

Check back later this week to see how it's going!


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