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I want to start of by thanking Carla for creating this amazing Linky! My school has been using six trait for about five years now and I love it! We purchased the Trait Crates to help us get started! Before I get started, my blog post is coming from the point of view of a reading specialist and not a classroom teacher!It's been about 10 years since I've been in a classroom and then I was in preschool. I will be sharing what I've researched and what I would use if I was in the classroom. This is what I would share with my classroom teachers!

Voice is a very important trait because it's what defines your craft. There are many great authors out their that you can use as examples for voice. Just remember that some work better then others for certain classes. You need to have a handful of favorites that you enjoy! If you don't enjoy the story your students won't buy into the story. They feed off your enthusiasm.

I personally love the classic authors that you can find on almost any children's book list. Patricca Polacco, Cynthia Rylant, Jane Yolen, Mem Fox, and Eve Bunting! Here's why:

Patrica Polacco-

  and many, many more!

I love Patrica Polacco's storytelling voice because you can almost feel her love for her family and for important issues as friendship, family and social injustice. Her books work well with most kiddos but you do have to watch what grade level you reading some of her books to. Some of them are too complex for grades K-2 while others would not hold interest for other grade levels. Plus It's always great when I tell my kiddos that she was illiterate until she was a teenager and she grew up to be an author! It gives them hope that they can do anything they want to do!

Cynthia Rylant-

Cynthia Rylant is another children's author who has made the classic book list because of her ability to share important issues in a way that kids understand and her sense of humor is appealing for both children and adults! 

Jane Yolen-

Never read this one but I want to check it out! See here

I think Jane is an author that might be a little controversial. I'm not as familiar with her work as I am others but what I have read so far people either love her or hate her! I tend to gravitate towards writers like Jane because she expresses issues in such a way that some people get or they don't.  I would highly reccomend checking out her work with an open mind to see if it would work for you. 

Mem Fox-

Another author that can use story telling to address issues with ease and humor! 

Eve Bunting-

Notice a theme yet! These are all excellent authors and their classic craft of storytelling is an art that I would hate to see die! If we can expose and hook our children they can keep this craft alive!

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