As promised, I've returned with an update on how we used this book! I mentioned this morning we were reading The Butterfly Ball by Jane Yolen. Today was our third read so our conversations are becoming really fun!  

Since it was a rhyming poem I invited O to play with her rhyming cards while I set out the supplies we needed to start out project for this book.

I had to move quickly. It doesn't take long for her to be ready to move on to the next thing. 
She actually worked for 30 min on this project! She seemed to really enjoy it! We made it a game and she had a job! I wrote the poem out in our own words using synonyms for some of the vocabulary. She had to put the strips with the numbers on them in order.Her sister had to read through the number line and find the strip that had a word that rhymed at the end. On her own she took it upon her self to check in the book to see if "sissy" was right! :) 

After this activity she was ready for a break so we headed of to the park until lunch, and then hit the pool after lunch! We had a wildly successful Wednesday! Hope you had the same! See ya next week! Here's to some Wild and wacky reading until then!


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