I'm back!! And super excited to share a read aloud that I'm currently working on with my daughter! This is going to be a two part post because I want to share the activities that we're going to do with the book today.  So look for part two this evening!

The book we are reading is an "oldie but goodie." Some of you may not of even heard of it. So please don't just skim over this post without giving this book a chance.

Are you ready for this.... (drum roll)

Here it is:

This is a counting rhyme book. It is perfect for my daughter (who has special needs) because it works on math, rhyming, and the vocabulary is phenomenal! We did not just read this book once. Today will be our third read. Yesterday she was repeating some of the rhymes and she could tell me the problem of the story in her own "short phrase" way.

Stay tuned for our little lesson today!


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