SAY WHAT!? We've already been in school for six days!?

I can't believe how fast time has flown. We've already been in school six days! We've been having a ball! Our first week was only three days and we just learned rules and routines and then on Friday we started the year out right! We took the elementary students to the park.

Shortly after we arrived, the high school joined us. 

The high school students paired up with the elementary students to play "get to know me" games. 

We also had a surprise visit from Superman, Batman, Bat Girl, Thor, and I can't remember the other one. Unfortunately,  I had to leave a little early and didn't get to see this part. Or take any pictures :(  (Our administrators dress up as something different every year so even the staff are surprised!) 

*We've been using Positive Behavior Supports for the past 3-4 years. A couple of years ago we established an "Oriole Strong" Committee that is in charge of finding ways to enhance  a positive climate.  We felt like it was important to create a positive climate with both buildings, elementary and high school. Thus began our  adventures of teaming up with the jr. high and high school once a quarter to do activities that include doing some kind of service for the community. Plus we do a variety of  activities to celebrate the beginning of the year, sports events, and participate in the city's Fall Festival. 


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