Book Talk Tuesday

I'm so excited to be linking up with Deanna Jump for her Book Talk Tuesday Linky! I choose to talk about The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher  not only for the amazingly sweet story it has to offer but because of the brilliant illustrations as well.

Zoe's parents loved her wild red hair and never cut it or contained it. 

It became her friend and playmate. 

Her hair was nice and helpful when she went to Kindergarten. The teacher was able to get more things done with the help of her hair and all of the children had a cozy place to sleep at nap time. 

And then she started first grade...

Zoe's hair started acting out because the teacher didn't like it. 

Even when Zoe got in trouble it still did naughty things. 

So, she decided to contain it. 

Until she just couldn't contain it any more!

Her hair decided to help the teacher out by holding the planets that she couldn't hold on her own. 

And Mrs. Trisk decided there was a place for Zoe's hair in first grade, after all. 

This sweet tale of "being you, no matter what others think" is a perfect lesson all children young and old. Everyone had accepted Zoe and her "wild" hair until she entered first grade where the teacher had strict rules. There is a lesson to be learned here by teachers, as well; different isn't always a bad thing. 


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