Magic School Bus Science Kits

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Do your kids/students love science? Would they love to grow bacteria and fungi, build a stethoscope, make magnetic slime, watch solar energy inflate a balloon, and fly a glider? Well, that's just the beginning of all the fun. That's just one of the multiple experiments that are included in each kit! There are over 42 science experiments included in this bundle! Wowsers! That could last a whole semester! 

The science topics include: World of Germs, Journey into the Human Body, Attracted to Magnificent Magnets, Solar Energy to the Rescue, and Soaring Into Flight. This bundle is age appropriate for 5-10 year olds. 

Now is the perfect time to purchase this bundle! While it is currently 31% off! 
This bundle includes five science kits that contain all the materials and a guide booklet to follow directions. 

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