A Little Late to the Party...but never too late to take a peek at my week!

Last week was long but we were blessed with the amazing news that not only did Mom's surgery go way better than expected but there were no tumors in the lymph nodes! She will begin chemo soon but she feels like she's on the downhill slide to a speedy recovery!

While I will have a short week I have lots of goodies to share. I've been working on visual plans for a while now but seeing all your amazing plans each week I feel like I'm making them better each time.  We've also switched to building wide Title and with the change and my pushing in the regular classroom has created a dependence on my position that wasn't there before. Because of this change we are experimenting with hiring a sub when I'm absent. Oh my...my next goal is to set up my room for anybody to walk in and teach groups with little guidance.

So I'm hooking up with Mr. Wills's Peek at my Week.

I will start with my individual pull out groups.
Here's my small pull out groups:


I've linked the first plan to my google drive. I've put all the plans in one document feel free to use what you can! Hope you have a good one!


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