Teacher Week '13 - Meet the teacher!

Thanks for hosting this amazing linky Blog Hoppin! What an incredible way to meet new people!

Happy Monday everyone!I've only been in this blogging world for a few short months and I see some familiar faces but I've not properly introduced myself. My name is Tara Looney. I'm married and have two beautiful daughters.

That's two, right? So #3): I've taught preschool for a year, K-1 art for a year and I'm going on my ninth year as a Reading Interventionist. Two years ago, I watched my very first set of kindergarten students graduate from high school! Wow, what an amazing journey this has been! 

#4) I received my Masters in June, 2013! Wow, that was quite an accomplishment! I had technically been in school as a student since  1985! (I'm one of those kids...I love school!)

#5) As a child I traveled a lot with my parents. I've been to almost every state in the US. I would love to travel over seas but I'm thinking that's going to have to wait until my children have grown. 

#6) I love to read! My secret love is YA but I read anything and everything I can get a hold of! My dream is to write YA books, someday! I've published a short memoir in my college anthology. 

#7) I love animals! My secret love is monkeys! (Yes I would have one, if I could :) ) 

#8) I know it's hard to believe...but I. Do.Not. Like. To. Shop. I love the internet! You can do all your shopping online. 

#9) I go back to school today! 
#10) My kiddos start Wednesday!!!!

Have a great day! I look forward to meeting you all!


  1. I love your blog theme. I am a big fan of ladybugs! So cute! Happy first day, today. We don't start until next Friday, so I am still happily living in denial :)

  2. Hi! I'm stopping by from Blog Hoppin'! Your blog caught my eye because of your name. I was also a Looney. Technically, I still am. It was my ex-husband's name. I'm getting remarried in a few months, so I used my new married name when I started the blog. My Meet the Teacher post actually talks about my ex-husband. His new wife and I laugh all the time that we share a name! You don't meet many others with this name, so I had to stop by! I'm your newest follower!

    Sweet in Seventh

  3. Isn't that crazy how fast time flies and your students grow and move on! Hope your first day of school went well! Looking forward to sharing ideas!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  4. Thanks Deb! I'm pretty partial to ladybugs - in fact that's my oldest daughter's nickname! Courtney - What a small world. I don't know many others besides my husbands family that have that last name. There is one family (no relation) in the school I work for. My students love my name though! We have a lot of fun with it! Yes Krista it has been a fabulous day! We got to eat in the park - both elementary and high school and then we had a pep rally at the high school! We also do a flash mob every year and our seniors got to choose the music and theme for this year! It was pretty cool! Sorry it took me a minute to get back with you all! I forget how little time I get to work on my computer!It's great getting to meet you!


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