Back to School Linky Party!

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I guess this means it time to start organizing the classroom, making all the cool ideas I've pinned this summer and set up my paper work! Thank you Christine for hosting this amazing party! Since we start on a Wednesday and I'm a reading specialist I have the honor of attending other peoples classes and get to know the students! I love my job so I'm always having fun but the beginning of the year is always the best! 

The first full week is when it gets hectic for me because the assessing begins! Over the last 10 years the classroom teachers and I have created and recreated forms to make this part of our job more manageable. If you would like to see our newest creation check out my store and check out this!

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Now I've got to run along because I have some new products to check out  from others attending this party! Thanks for your interest and I hope you find something you can use to help you start off to a great year!


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