How Do You Collect all the Data?

I'm currently working on a huge project that has been in the works for many years. I've started just this year putting it all together and am ready to share with you in bits and pieces. It is a work in progress and my hope is that it always will be. I don't believe there is only way to teach and learn and I hope to reflect that in all my works I share. 

For this particular project, I started with my youngest kiddos and broke assessment collection and lesson planning sheets into manageable chunks . There was way too much to do otherwise. Plus the spectrum changes too often to not break it up. 

First I created a visual for me to refer to as I addressed each literacy learning component. It looks like this: 

I like to look at literacy learning form a holistic perspective and often look at fine motor/gross motor and speaking /listening development first. When there are any type of delays in these early developments, this could  indicate future difficulties in literacy learning. I've also learned the earlier intervention can occur the more readily the literacy successes will occur. 

So I've created forms that provide "look fors" and target planning. My goal is to create a "tool kit of interventions" eventually that will accommodate these ____.

Here is an example of one "look for" sheet I've begun:

Here is a few of the "data collection forms" I've created for you to use:


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