Teach Like a Pirate Book Study Blog Post Guide

Complete Teach Like a Pirate Book Study Blog Posts

We studied three chapters a week so I will link the first post of each week to the graphic. Be sure and click at the end of each post to head to the next post.

Week One: Passion, Immersion, Rapport

Week Two: Ask and Analyze, Transformation, Enthusiasm

Week Three:  Part Two: Crafting Engaging Lessons, The Third Circle, A Crash Course in Presentaional Hooks, I Like to Move It, Move It  

Week Four: Long Live the Arts, What’s in it For  Me?,  All the World’s a Stage

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to wrap up a couple of weeks early so I took the liberty to close up the study with a recap and a review of the end. You will find the last three posts below:

Teach Like a Pirate-Part II Book Study Wrap Up

Teach Like a Pirate - Part III Book Study Wrap Up


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