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So excited to hook up with Tech with Jen for Google Sites Bootcamp. Sorry I'm a little late to the party. Its been a fun week of State Testing and teeth pulling! Yes, I'm 34 and just now getting my wisdom teeth! 

Now on to the fun, check out the boot camp skills I've been practicing just to share with you on  how I'm going to use Google Sites and Google Forms in the Intervention Setting. 

I will start with this... (The I can... statements are labeled with the Core Learning Standard it correlates with - see pic. below for a close up)

This is the start of my intervention website. We started a new practice this year where the students that don't do well with whole group experience join me for a small group instruction on the same thing their classmates are getting. 

This takes place on Day 1 and Day 2 of ELA instruction. On Days 3, 4 and 5 all the students rotate through Small Group instruction and interventions from last week's skills, this week's skill, spelling intervention, grammar intervention and writers workshop. The classroom teachers and myself work with all students during this time and the students choose their interventions according to the data folder where they track their learning. (I'll write a separate post on what our ELA looks like at another time)

This year we've focused on student goal setting and accountability. In the picture above you see a red arrow pointing to the box that my students will click to get to the Google form that will track their goals each week. 

Here's what the Google Form looks like:

Here's how they will get back to the home page. This button can be found on each page that they can go to. 

After filling out their goals they are ready to learn what their word work and spelling look like for the week. They will find this in the reading strategies graphic on the home page. They will find this on the page it navigates to. 

They will click the Spelling button and navigate to a page that looks like this:

After they gone through this section, they will go back to the reading strategies page and choose the vocab and vocab strategy link.

Here is what the Vocabulary page looks like:

The vocab. lesson is another Google form to help me monitor student learning.

While I'm not completely done with the site, this is the last thing I'm going to show you because this is all I have for now. I've just started the Comprehension section and will share the rest in another post.

This sheet will be included in their interactive notebook and will not be editable on this site. This is a product that I purchased from Michael Friermood over at a Home for Teacher Resources. I just want my students to know my expectations ahead of time so they have a set purpose for engaging in these tasks. If they click on the zoom button it will make the picture larger, like this,

I hope this has been helpful and has inspired you to create a classroom Google Site of your own. 


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