Bloomin' Blends, Digraphs & Chunks

Are you looking for some end of the year phonics review games to get your kiddos ready for the end of the year assessments? Then this is the game for you! This is perfect for short vowel, long vowel, blend, digraphs and chunks. The bright colors and fun spring graphics will motivate students to complete their "blooms" and work on decoding fluency. 

As they make their way from one end of the colorful board to the other they get to choose flowers of the corresponding colors that they land on.  Each bloom contains, letters, blends and digraphs. When the students complete their trek across the board the y get to see how many real words they collected and they will write their  words down on the sheets. 

Right now is the perfect time to check it out while my store is having a 20% off Easter Sale! 


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