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I happened upon this great little blog hop ~ thanks to Mother Daughter & Son Book Reviews + many other great hosts and hostesses~ and thought this was right up my little blog's alley. If you love books like I do you must check it out! I've added many new great reads to my It's all About the Books Pinterest board.

I just recently read Jim Trelease' s Read Aloud handbook, and I was instantly driven to spread the importance of Read Aloud. I've been compelled to share all books with adult and child alike because of the vital repercussions of reading aloud to a child. It can set a child up for a life long love of learning. As educators, that's what we're after right?

With MLK Jr.'s Day rapidly approaching I've begun exploring books to celebrate this great day in our history. While this certainly not a new read, it is one that continues to fall on my list of favorite read aloud. Doreen Rappaport' s Martin's Big Words. Illustrated by Bryan Collier.

The simple text makes it easy to share with all grades K- 6. It's repetitive message of love is the perfect concept to focus amongst  the hate and violence that was so prevalent in this time in our history.The illustrations beautifully draw upon the theme in their appealing mosaic style.

This text can also double as an appealing way to craft non-fiction text. If you use six trait writing, this would be an ideal mentor text for teaching organization. The author uses her own words and quotes from other texts to tell King' s life purpose. While the illustrator, tells his own version through none other than the beautiful mosaic of a church window. It is quite breath taking.

So, what's on your current read aloud list? I hope you have room for one more! Maybe this will be the  first one? Either way, I hope you find time to read to a child each day. Go out and change our future, one book at a time!


  1. Hi Tara, what a lovely review. I really enjoyed it and look forward to you joining us frequently on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  2. Thank you for sharing your review in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Glad you are joining us and I hope you'll join us again. Always looking for great recommendations. Pinning!!!

  3. Thank you. I really enjoyed being apart of this great hop! I found so many new great reads!

  4. We love this book in our house. The illustrations are great. My daughter is sort of obsessed with MLK. They talk about him a lot in school because we are near Atlanta. When she was younger, she had trouble understanding it all. I found that this book did a great job translating the complexities of the civil rights movement to a young child.

  5. Jenny, we love this book, too. I agree, Rappaport, does an amazing job describing the civil rights movement very eloquently and with a focus on love.


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