For lack of a better word...Goals!

That word has popped up in the past month in a variety of ways. At our back to school teacher in-service, we had to choose building goal categories. During leadership, we narrowed the goals even farther. During our collaboration meetings we've discussed creating goals with our students and holding students responsible for following through with their goals using a student data notebook.

I'm pretty sure this happens every year around this time. But for some reason this year it has been a significant topic that keeps drawing in my attention. So I've decided to to reflect on this. My results are... I don't think I've ever set goals and fully followed through on them. I also think this is pretty common. I've watched the pendulum of education swing guided by goals and shifted by mistakes. I think this is a good thing. It means we are learning from our mistakes! I also believe it is a very frustrating thing for teachers because it constantly feels like we are reinventing the wheel when we were taught to not reinvent the wheel.
(Just food for thought)

This school year I've decided to set some professional goals and personal goals. So far, so good. I've written them down so I have a hard copy. I've checked them daily to make sure I'm following through and making adjustments as needed. Now I just need to keep this momentum. I think I'm going to use this blog as an accountability tool. Your welcome to follow along! Next time I will share my goals and further reflect on them to make sure they are still working for me!


  1. Hi, currently Im teaching Year 3 in Queensland Australia. We are asked to set goals but with no real instruction of how to do so and to keep it going through the year. Im looking forward to reading your blog on this subject. Regards, Kim


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