It's been a little while since I've gotten on, sorry. I've been busy enjoying summer and catching up on my house projects!

We're about half way done with summer school and to wrap it all up we are hosting a Kindergarten Readiness Parent Night. I'm both excited and nervous. I've put together a Powerpoint presentation that explains where to expect their child to be developmentally and how they will grow and change in Kindergarten. (I have to admit..I'm a little nerdy!) I love all the research part of my job! But I know I'm the exception to the rule.

I tried to include fun activities to share with their kiddos and even put together a Literacy Pack. It includes rhyming games, alphabet games, and sequencing games. I would love suggestions for fun things to include in my presentation so I don't look out into a sea of glazed over eyes! :)

I've also been studying differentiated instruction so I'm thinking about including a survey for the parents to fill out about their child. (Though I'd love to claim it, it's not my idea! I think I read it in one of the books I'm studying) Has anyone ever tried this before? Was it successful/not successful? Please share I would love  to hear your story!


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